This is what I can do

Standard Design

Print Graphics
$40 Per Hour

Standard graphics are print or image based designs. Primarily formated as a pdf, jpg, or png. Examples are flyers, banners, booklets and photo editing.

Printing (if needed) is not included and will be charged separately. The client has the right to use their own choice of printing services if preferred.


Minimum of 1 hour
$50 Per Hour

Photography sessions consist of 5 -100+ photos. This is a preferred option when working on large print projects that can involve original photography. Editing the photos are charged at the rate of standard graphics.

Printing (if needed) is not included and will be charged separately. The client has the right to use their own choice of printing services if preferred.

Interactive Design

Websites/Email Marketing
$75 Per Hour

Interactive designs consist primarily of websites and email blast. Rates are subject to change if the client already has a majority of the work set up/started.  WordPress websites are preferred but can work in standard html and css if needed.

Cost are service and host dependent. Please request a quote.

Custom Creations

$X Per Project

These services are project based. Any custom request will consist of handmade elements.

Examples are: Screen printing, wood burning, painting, home decor, etc. Please email me your ideas and any examples of what you are looking for. Once the project has thoroughly been discussed, an estimated quote will be conducted. Prices may vary depending on supplies, time frame and size of the project.

* Additional fees may apply  –  example: stock photography, website templates or hosting services.
* Salary requirements differ for full-time, part-time, or temporary positions. Please contact me directly.


Please contact me directly to if you would like to discuss a timeline process. Each project is unique in its own way and will require a different time frame. Some projects may only take a few days while others will require weeks of work.

  • Introducing a new Project

    This is a simple introduction between designer and client. We discuss the project, what is needed and what is expected from each other. If there is any direction in mind, (examples of what exactly the client is looking for) please provide them at this time. This is where a custom quote and timeline can be laid out or a partnership can be created. If there is a budget in mind, together we will come up with a plan. No payment is required at this time. This is as simple as a conversation between two parties. Agreement must be signed when we are ready to start our project (see agreement section below)

  • Getting Started

    The client must provide the designer with as much information as possible, again, If there is any direction in mind, (examples of what exactly the client is looking for) this is a good time to share these idea. The designer will need: text/body copy, photographs and a formal set of instructions. I do not do any copywriting so this must be provided. If photography or stock photography is needed this is typically were we, as a team can decide on the graphic direction together. These hours will be billed from here on out.

  • Research

    X amount of hours does go into a research process. I take it upon myself to learn your business and understand your clients/viewers as well as your competition. I will start to narrow down the ideas I have to what I believe will work best.

  • Drafts

    Elaborating on the ideas I believe are best, this is where I start to bring them to life. Sketches and wireframes will be put together. The strongest ones will be taken to the computer and will be brought to life.

  • Testing *Interactive Only

    I will test the interactive designs on the platforms I have available (Google chrome, safari, Mac Book, iPad and iPhone) Testing will continue to be done in each round of edits.

  • Final Drafts

    This is the “clean up” period before we send to print or go live.

  • Finish Product

    Approval Process. I do not do any body copy so I am not responsible for how your content reads – this includes spelling errors. I will spell check as a courtesy to my clients but I am not to be held responsible – especially once finalized and approved.

  • Printing / Optional *Standard Only

    If any printing is required I can see your project though for you specific needs. Additional fees will apply.

    Somethings I can offer that not all printing areas do –

    • Specialty binding options – including wire binding
    • Mounting of posters / foam core


I will request this to be filled out before any partnership can begin – a written agreement via email is acceptable as long as a document of these terms are attached (see downloadable pfd.) If you out like to elaborate on, or include your own agreement please contact me prior to our project starting.

This agreement is good for the entire duration of our partnership. If terms change, I will inform my clients and a new agreement will be signed. I respect my clients and allow them to do the same, if needed. Terms are not allowed to be changed mid-project.


    This agreement is made on  ____ / ___ / ______  by and between  Client, __________________________ and Designer, Kate Pfahl.

    In consideration of the mutual agreement made herein, both parties agree as follows:

  • WORK

    The Designer agrees to produce project materials at the request of the client for fees agrees upon in advance and delivery of the work by an agreed upon deadline or time frame. The designer agrees that he/she will be the sole “author” of the work, which will be original and free of plagiarism. The designer will cooperate with the client in editing and otherwise reviewing the work prior to completion or launch.


    The designer acknowledges that she may receive or have access to information which relates to the client’s past, present, or future products, client lists, creative works, pending projects/proposals, and other proprietary information. The designer agrees to protect the confidentiality of the client’s proprietary information and all physical forms thereof, whether disclosed to the designer before this agreement is signed or afterward.

    Both parties can claim “ownership” over completed materials. The designer will be keep confidential materials private but is allowed to display final product/projects (excluding confidential information) created for the client on professional website ( and in portfolio. The client has the right to do what they please with the completed material.


    Client agrees to pay designer within agreed upon time frame; options include: weekly, every 2 weeks or project based. There may be circumstances were payment is due prior to starting work if a special requirement is needed; example: specific typeface, stock photography or website hosting services. A balance will be estimated by designer, it will cover the entire cost. If the estimated amount is more then what was spent the additional amount left over will be used as a credit for design services. Receipts will be kept and designer will be able to provide proof of purchases at any time.

    Typical billing hours are Monday-Friday 9 AM-5 PM. Any projects received outside of this time frame will not be entertained until the following business day. Designer has the right to work outside these hours if desired – pay rate will not change. If the client request a project to be done during off-hours, pay rates may change. Designer will inform client before starting under these circumstances.

    The client agrees to give the designer a reasonable amount of time to complete each project, 3-7 business days is a typical turn over time for standard projects, larger and more complexed projects will require more time. If there is a time-sensitive project that needs to get done quickly and without warning, pay rates may change. Designer will inform client before starting under these circumstances.

    If payment is not received within 2 weeks (or promised/agreed upon time) of the invoice being sent, the designer has the right to stop any further work until payment is received. There will be an additional late fee on the next invoice (25% of unpaid invoice, minimum of $50.)

    Payment containers can be agreed on, preferably starting at $1,000. Containers cannot be refunded – this agreement can be put towards any design or print services. Credits will not expire. Frequent invoices will still be sent to keep the client informed on their credit line. The designer will inform the client when credit line has minimum hours left. Designer has the right to stop the project until credits are filled or different payment option is discussed and agreed upon.


    Both parties understand that the client or designer may terminate the service at any time if, for any reason, the relationship is deemed unsatisfactory by either party. Upon written or verbal cancellation, client is responsible for payment for all expenses incurred and any work done towards the completion of the project based on the time or percentage of the project completed that is determined by designer. Should the client cancel the project following its completion, client is responsible for full payment as per the agreed upon estimate plus all expenses incurred. In the event of cancellation, Designer retains ownership of all copyrights and original work created.


    Client promises to pay for the services rendered by the designer for the work as agreed upon. By signing below, client agrees they have read, understood, and are considered legally bonded to these terms.


    Client Signature:


    Designers Signature:



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